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In 1974 Kevin Reski joined his father Ron in a family business in Moorhead, MN known as Great Plains Towers which focused entirely on tower erection, maintenance, and services. As the business grew and progressed, in 1992 they moved to a larger location in West Fargo, ND and started providing tower services all over the USA. The company also started designing, fabricating, and modifying various custom hoisting and rigging systems which manufacturers now use as standards for the tower industry. As time went on, they began fabricating their own towers using the knowledge gained from performing tower maintenance and erection services. The idea was to build towers to a higher quality tower and to exceed safety standards for property and personnel in the industry.

In 2023 Great Plains Tower Products purchased Great Plains Towers. Great Plains Tower Products now focuses on manufacturing and selling tower products, with headquarters still located in West Fargo, ND.

Great Plains Tower Products is using its years of experience to fabricate our own top-quality guyed towers & self-supporting towers. The towers include standard features such as built-in wave guide to installation of antenna feedlines, built-in grounding and lightning protection, and built-in safety climb cable systems. We also fabricate meteorological (MET) towers, fold-down hinged poles, and ballast trays. All our products can be customized to fit each customer’s requirements. We serve the entire USA and have shipped products all over the world.

All our welders and fabricators are American Welding Society (AWS) qualified to AWS D1.1. We use Welding Procedure Sheets (WPS) to make sure all welds are made following strict guidelines to ensure the safety and quality of all our products.

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