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Ballast Tray Foundations

Our Ballast Tray Foundation bases are all welded for the rapid deployment & installation of our support structures in just minutes. No assembly of the Ballast Tray Foundation base is required! No foundation hole needs to be dug, just set the Ballast Tray Foundation and fill with the required weight of ballast (either rock, sand, or concrete).

All Ballast Tray Foundations are built of 50 ksi minimum yield steel, and are hot dipped galvanized to provide long lasting corrosion protection from the elements.

Ballast Tray Foundations come in two sizes 8.5 foot square and 10.5 foot square. All Ballast Tray Foundations are 16 inches tall.

Ballast Tray Foundations can support our Self-Supporting Towers, Freestanding Towers, Mid-Hinged Fold Over Poles, Base-Hinged Fold Over Poles, and Mid-Hinged Fold Over Lattice Towers.

Interface Plate for mounting structure to Ballast Tray Foundation is sold separately.

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