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Ballast Tray Foundations

Ballast Tray Foundations

Our Ballast Tray Foundation bases are all welded for the rapid deployment & installation of our support structures in just minutes. No assembly of the Ballast Tray Foundation base is required! No...

Tower and Ballast Tray Foundation Kits

Tower and Ballast Tray Foundation Kits

This kit includes our Self-Supporting Tower, Ballast Tray Foundation, Interface Plate, and Safety Climb Fall Arrest System in one convenient to order kit. 8.5' square Ballast Tray Foundation can...

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More About our Tower Bases

Great Plains Tower Products is your premier destination for top-notch tower base solutions. Our Ballast Tray Foundation bases are the cornerstone of our tower base product line, designed for quick and efficient deployment. These tower bases negate the need for complex assembly and excavation work. Simply place the Ballast Tray Foundation at the desired location, fill it with the necessary ballast material, and your tower base is set to support the structure.

Crafted from robust 50 ksi minimum yield steel and finished with a hot-dipped galvanization process, our tower base offerings promise enduring strength and resistance to corrosion. With two dimensions available, the 8.5-foot and 10.5-foot square Ballast Tray Foundations are versatile options for a variety of tower base needs. They stand at a uniform height of 16 inches, ensuring stability and compatibility with our diverse range of towers, including Self-Supporting Towers, Freestanding Towers, and various Fold Over Poles and Towers. The necessary Interface Plate for the tower base and structure integration is sold as a separate item.

To cater to comprehensive project requirements, Great Plains Tower Products also presents a bundled kit that comprises our Self-Supporting Tower, Ballast Tray Foundation tower base, Interface Plate, and Safety Climb Fall Arrest System. This kit is designed for those who value convenience and efficiency, providing a seamless tower base and structure solution. The tower base size correlates with the tower height capability: the 8.5-foot base supports up to a 50-foot tower, while the 10.5-foot base can accommodate a tower up to 70 feet tall.

In essence, Great Plains Tower Products stands out in the industry with its innovative and user-friendly tower base products. Our Ballast Tray Foundations exemplify our dedication to delivering solutions that facilitate rapid deployment and ensure long-term reliability and support for a wide range of tower structures.