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Freestanding Towers

Our Freestanding Towers feature fully welded sections, and are shipped ready to stack. No assembly of tower sections required. All Freestanding Towers include tower sections and fasteners. Freestanding Towers can be mounted to Direct Embedment Sections (DES) or our Ballast Trays. Direct Embedment Sections and Ballast Trays (DES) are each sold separately. Freestanding Towers can be built out of 5 foot, 10 foot, or 20 foot long sections. Legs, diagonal members, and horizontal members are all constructed out of solid round steel with 50 ksi minimum yield strength. Tower Sections are joined with square bolted flange plates. All towers include integrated climbing ladder on one face. All tower sections are hot dipped galvanized to provide long lasting corrosion protection from the elements. Our towers come in face widths varying from 18 inches wide to 36 inches wide. Towers are custom designed in heights to meet your individual specifications.

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