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Guyed Towers

Our Guyed Towers feature fully welded sections, and are shipped ready to stack. No assembly of tower sections required. Legs, diagonal members, and horizontal members are all constructed out of solid round steel with 50 ksi minimum yield strength. Tower Sections are joined with square bolted flange plates. All towers include integrated climbing ladder on one face. All tower sections are hot dipped galvanized to provide long lasting corrosion protection from the elements. Our towers come in face widths varying from 18 inches wide to 36 inches wide. Towers are custom designed in heights to meet your individual specifications. All Guy Towers include tower sections, anchors, guy wire, and fasteners.

Why Choose a Guyed Tower?

erected tower with instruments

Opting for a guyed tower over a freestanding one can significantly enhance your project's efficiency and performance. Guyed towers offer several distinct advantages that make them a preferred choice in various scenarios.

Height Potential

Guyed towers can reach impressive heights, making them ideal for applications where elevation is crucial, such as telecommunications, broadcasting, and wind turbines. Their tall structures enable better signal transmission, wider coverage areas, and increased wind energy capture.

Cost Effectivenss

Compared to freestanding towers, guyed towers often require fewer materials and less complex construction, resulting in lower costs. The guy wires used for stability are typically more economical than the additional structural support needed for freestanding towers.

Flexibility and Space Efficiency

Guyed towers have a smaller footprint compared to freestanding ones, making them suitable for projects with limited space or in urban environments. This space-saving design allows for more efficient land use without compromising on height or performance.

Stability and Durability

The guy wires provide superior stability and resilience, especially in areas prone to high winds, seismic activity, or other environmental challenges. This added stability enhances the tower's longevity and reduces maintenance requirements over time.

Quick Installation

Guyed towers are often quicker to install compared to freestanding alternatives, thanks to their simpler design and lighter components. This can lead to faster project completion times and reduced downtime for critical operations.


Guyed towers can be easily modified or upgraded to accommodate changing project requirements or technological advancements. This adaptability makes them a versatile choice for long-term investments with evolving needs.

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